BLX-A4 JW100

Product Introduction

Desktop Jewelry Welding Machine is an important and basic aspect of laser welding technology. Its compact design is convenient for use in small spaces. When the laser heats the surface of the workpiece, the surface heat diffuses to the interior through thermal conduction and melts the work pieces by controlling the width, energy, peak power, and repeating frequency of the laser pulse to form a specific molten pool. Because of this unique feature, it is widely used in the processing of precious jewelry or welding of precision parts. Jewelry laser spot welding machine is specially used for spot welding, repairing, re-tipping, resizing gold/silver/titanium jewelry, and small accessories. etc.

Also, It has a CCD display or microscope optional.


1. Red point fast positioning, CCD display, microscope optional.

2. Adjustable working table allows welding from small size to big size of work piece.

3. Fast working speed; professional jig ensures the focus fixed and makes welding easier without using CCD or microscope.

4. Able to weld with complex, profiled, or tiny letters.

5. Ultra-fine positioning rod makes the welding of small corners easier without changing spot position.

6. The whole machine is cooled in air-cooled mode, and the performance is stable.

7. Built-in LED lighting device, microscope built-in cross positioning mark, greatly enhance user experience and reduce work intensity.


Suitable for precision casting and welding of small hardware composed of various metal materials, such as jewelry, dentures, clocks, medical treatment, instrumentation, electronic products, mechanical mold processing, automotive and other industries, especially suitable for trimming holes and gold and silver jewelry Spot welding of jewelry, welding of sand holes, repairing joints and parts of claw feet.


Model BEL-JW100
Laser Power 100W
Laser Wavelength 1064 nm
Type of Laser ND:YAG
Max. Single Pulse Energy 60J
Frequency Range 0.5~20Hz
Pulse Width 0.1~20ms
Control System PC-CNC
Observation System Microscope & CCD monitor
Power Consumption 4KW
Cooling System Air cooling
Laser Spot Size <1.0mm
Pump Source Xenon lamp
Electricity Demand 3 phase 200V(380V)/50HZ ( 60HZ)


Jewellery Laser-Welder