BLX-A9 High-Speed Combo 2 in 1 Fibre Laser Marking Station









Main Technical Specifications for BLX-A9

At the turn of a Screw, the Combo 2-1 fibre laser can be switched from a Bench mounted workstation to a Handheld laser for marking larger items

  • Model: BLX-A9 Combo 2 in 1 Fibre Laser
  • Laser Power: 20W or 30W
  • Laser Power Brand: Original Raycus Laser Power. (Laser source can use for 30,000 hours in normal working conditions)
  • Lens Brand: Original Ronar Smith, with extremely high-speed high precision
  • Control Card: SCANLAB AG
  • Automatically Moving System: The marking head can be moved electronically by pressing the ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ buttons.
  • Focus finding System: This machine can have red light pointers built-in to indicate the focus during the operation, with ease of use to find the focal
  • Warning light system when door is not closed, or the guard is not correctly in position
  • Industry Touch Screen PC
  • Can be fitted with an air fume extractor. The dust can be removed through the extractor
  • Ergonomically designed handle system for the operator when changed from a bench system into a handheld portable laser.
  • Internal Redlight Indicating System. The internal redlight indicating system will show the

position of the marking. The operator can review the marking position before marking and do necessary position adjustments.

  • Laser sensors cut-off switch system. There are 2 sensor switches, 1 on the door and 1 at the bottom of the cover, if the operator removes the laser head from the workpiece whilst marking is in progress, the laser sensor switch will be activated and the whole machine will stop marking. The machine will only mark when the bottom touches on the workpiece.
  • Anti-laser glasses. 4 sides of the laser cover will be fitted with anti-laser glasses, to ensure the

operator and other workers around the machine have a safer environment

  • The laser head system will be very light compared to previous designs. It can be operated with a handheld portable or fixed on the vertical column for the marking of smaller parts.
  • The air fume exactor will can be mounted on the rear of the marking machine, so the total marking machine system can easily move around.


Model BLX-A9 High-Speed Combo 2 in 1 Fibre Laser Marking Station BLX-A9





Laser parameter

Laser source model
Output power 20W or 30W
Beam quality M2 ≤1.4
Pulse repetition frequency 27-60 kHz
Laser wavelength 1064±5
Output power stability <3%
Working life Approximately 100,000 hours




Optical properties

Marking area 80mm
Engraving depth ≤1mm (Depending on power and time)
Engraving speed ≤10000mm/s
Repeatability ±0.002
Min mark line width 0. 1mm
Minimum character height 0.15mm

Use environment

Battery life It can work for 6-8 hours under normal use in one day
Cooling way Built-in air cooling
System power supply 500W / 100-240V / 50/60Hz


Other parameters

Operating system BLX-A system
File format The software supports text, patterns, two-dimensional code, barcode, serial numbers, graphics and

other marking content (standard USB input)