Dot Pin Marking Machine Standalone

Features of the Machine:


•        Industrial marking and engraving are rapidly growing industry in the world. Particularly because there is virtually no limit to the number of materials that can be marked or engraved whether you are using metal or non-metal.

•         DPM302, is a Standalone series 7” Touch Screen Dot Pin marking machine with 150*100 mm working area and 300mm working height which can be customised as per the customer requirement.

•        This is a Standalone machine which is suitable for small and light metal or plastic work piece.

•        This machine is most widely used in Name plate application, automobile components, marking on cylinders, machining and castings parts, bearings etc

•        This machine is equipped with Column mounted standalone touch screen controller.

•        This machine supports LINE and DOT engraving also supported by multiple fonts.

•        Marking contains all kinds of logos, characters, alphanumeric, dates, numbers, serial no, graph etc

•        Supports linear, angular, radial, inverted and mirror marking.

•        Supports. PLT, SLG, .DWG format graph from AutoCAD or Corel Draw.

•        Supports Windows 98, XP, Win7 (32 Bit)

•        This machine is made from modular type Aluminium casing which is attractive in design and stands for fast heat liberation.

•        Data cable is made from Steel Connector with conduit which is also free from oil and dust.

•        Manufactured in INDIA with CE Certification



Machine Delivery Package:


•        Base with Column Stand

•        Marking Head Assembly

•        Controller Portable with Column Support (Standalone)

•        DATA Cable with Conduit and Foot Switch

•        2 x Stylus Sets with Other Accessories Power Cable, USB Cable etc

•        Software Driver CD with e-Manual



Packaging Details: 


•        Machine Actual Size (L*B*H) cm:

•        Machine Actual Weight (kg):

•        Box Packaging Size (L*B*H):

•        Gross Weight (kg): 75.00


Technical Specifications:  


Model :  DPM302
Type of Model  : Standalone
Standard Marking Area  : 150 mm x 100 mm
Marking Speed : 1/3 Alphanumeric per sec
Hitting Frequency : 300Hz
Marking Depth : 0.1 – 1 mm (according to hardness work piece material)
Indenter hardness : HRA95
Work Piece : HRC62
Inputting Air Pressure : 0.3 – 0.6 mpa
Power Consumption : 350W
Electrical Requirement : AC220 ± 10%, 50Hz, 10 Amp
Working Temperature : 0 °C- 40 °C
Relative Humidity : 90%
Software :  DPMCAD (Touch Screen as well as PC based)
Interface : USB 2.0
Marking Head Travel : 300 mm


Machine Spares:                                    
Parts  Make / Specification 
Main Board   DPMCAD V 9.0L
Pneumatic Spares SMC / FESTO (Original)
Switch and Data Connectors Steel Base Cover with IP65 Norms
Stylus EN2, EN3, EN4, EN6, EN4L, EN4LP
Software Features: 
       •    True Type / Single Stroke Fonts        •    Elliptical Fonts
       •    Fixed Data (Text) Marking Automatic Serial Numbers        •    Marking Automatic Serial Numbers
       •    Barcodes / QR Code / Data Matrix 2D Code        •    Logo / Graphics /Text
       •     Auto Shift / Auto Date Marking /Auto Time Marking        •     Stable Software
       •     Data Input from external file for marking        •     Supports Rotary Marking


Application Material  


         •     Stainless Steel Mild Steel Aluminum
         •     Carbide Nickel Titanium
         •     Cast Iron Chrome Copper
         •     Brass PVC Iron