fast and reliable use minimal consumables, Dot Peen systems are pneumatical or electro-magnetic controlled, can be used in the most demanding industrial environments.
The marking created by the stylus is difficult to copy, has minimal stress upon the part and leaves no burrs. The dot mark is directly hard-stamped into the material, ranging from plastics to the most steels.

Integrated Dot Peen
  • The 50mm x 30mm window size compact head for
    convenient fitment on existing machines.
  • There are¬†pneumatic and electronic versions
    4xM8 Mounting holes provided for firm mounting
    Can be used with all the controllers in both Pneumatic &
    Electric versions.
  • Robust aluminium construction.
  • Provided with optional bellows for protection.
  • Most compact construction with maximum marking
  • Also available as 80 X 30mm and150 x 50mm models.
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