Handheld Dot Peen marking systems are designed for use with large and heavy metal parts for the Aerospace standards, Automotive- VIN marking.
It allows direct part marking on product surfaces using hard stamping that can mark up to a hardness of HRC60. Sheffield made solid carbide stylus pins
We now sell a Wif-Fi based Cordless Marking Machine
Available in 3 Sizes 50X30mm, 100x30mm, 150X50mm
Powerful Lithium-Ion Battery for long working
Linear Guide on both axes for uniform marking the depth
Operates on a Wi-Fi Hotspot of the Mobile Marker
Control the marker from a Mobile or Tablet
Create a program and transfer the marker
Most User-friendly & Simple to Understand Interface

Heavy Marking Dot Peen

Features of the Machine:


•        Industrial marking and engraving are rapidly growing industries in the world. Particularly because there is virtually no limit to the number of materials that can be marked or engraved whether you are using metal or non-metal.

•         DPM306, is an Export series Standalone 7” Touch Screen Portable Dot Pin marking machine with a 90*40 mm working area which can be customised as per the customer requirement.

•        This is a Portable machine which is suitable for heavy jobs.

•        This machine is most widely used in chassis marking, battery marking like heavy jobs, etc

•        This machine controller is equipped with Portable Standalone 7” Touch Screen and the marking head is equipped with Support stands which are used to hold the workpiece.

•        This machine supports LINE and DOT engraving also supported by multiple fonts.

•        Marking contains all kinds of logos, characters, alphanumeric, dates, numbers, serial no, graph,s, etc

•        Supports linear, angular, radial, inverted, and mirror marking.

•        Supports. PLT, SLG, DWG format graph from AutoCAD or Corel Draw.

•        This machine is made from modular type Aluminium casing which is attractive in design and stands for fast heat liberation..

•        Data cable is made from Steel connectors with a conduit that is also free from oil and dust.

•        Manufactured in INDIA with CE Certification.



Machine Delivery Package:


•        Marking Head Portable with Support Base

•        Controller Portable (Standalone)

•        DATA Cable with Conduit

•        Indenter Set with Other Rest Accessories like Power Cable, USB Cable, etc

•        Software Driver CD with e-Manual




Packaging Details: 


•        Machine Actual Size (L*B*H) cm:

•        Machine Actual Weight (kg):

•        Box Packaging Size (L*B*H):

•        Gross Weight (kg): 14.00






Technical Specifications:  


Model :  DPM306
Type of Model  : Standalone
Standard Marking Area  : 90 mm x 40 mm (50 mm x 50 mm as per requirement)
Marking Speed : 1/3 Alphanumeric per sec
Hitting Frequency : 300Hz
Marking Depth : 0.1 – 1 mm (according to hardness work piece material)
Indenter hardness : HRA95
Work Piece : HRC62
Inputting Air Pressure : 0.3 – 0.6 mpa
Power Consumption : 350W
Electrical Requirement : AC220 ± 10%, 50Hz, 10 Amp
Working Temperature : 0 °C- 40 °C
Relative Humidity : 90%
Software :  DPMCAD (Touch Screen Software as well as PC based Version)
Interface : USB 2.0
E-Magnet Base : Support base with holding force up to 15 Kg


Machine Spares:                                   
Parts  Make / Specification 
Main Board   DPMCAD V 9.0L
Load Linear System Hiwin (Original)
Pneumatic Spares SMC / FESTO (Original)
Switch and Data Connectors Steel Base Cover with IP65 Norms
Indenter Support EN4D
E-Magnets 24Volts
Software Features: 
       •    True Type / Single Stroke Fonts        •    Elliptical Fonts
       •    Fixed Data (Text) Marking Automatic Serial Numbers        •    Marking Automatic Serial Numbers
       •    Barcodes / QR Code / Data Matrix 2D Code        •    Logo / Graphics /Text
       •     Auto Shift / Auto Date Marking /Auto Time Marking        •     Stable Software
       •     Data Input from external file for marking        •     Supports Rotary Marking


Application Material  


         •     Stainless Steel Mild Steel Aluminum
         •     Carbide Nickel Titanium
         •     Cast Iron Chrome Copper
         •     Brass PVC Iron
Why to Choose  Machines? 
•         Marks Control, we are specialised in manufacturing and integration of types of marking systems and its having manufacturing base at Aurangabad, Maharashtra

•        Our products are not only Dot pin Engraving Machines but Fiber Laser Marking Machine, Electro-Chemical Metal Etching Machine, Fiber Laser Welding machines, and its allied automation. We have installed more than 3000 machines in India and exported our products to around 60 countries.

•        We provide innovative technological solutions to a wide range of customers in the fields of marking and engraving processes with the help of our team of qualified experts in mechanics, automation, and instrumentation systems.

•        We are highly experienced in the industry, and the sole goal of our experienced staff is to identify challenges in order to offer clients innovative solutions that will yield substantial savings and improve their productivity.

•        With the help of our product you can increase your efficiency by introducing a strategic production unit within your company or by designing an overall plan to improve productivity.

•        By working closely with clients’ existing staff, we are able to implement solutions to meet specific needs and make a positive impact on production and quality.

•        Our mission is to work alongside clients to develop efficient and affordable solutions to meet the most stringent requirements, constantly striving to keep our knowledge up to date in a world where technology is always evolving.


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E-Touch, Combo - 2 in 1 model, XM700
Portable Marking Heads


Portable marking head


Angular, Circular, Mirror, Inverted, Serial Numbers, Date and Shift Codes

CSV File Marking is simple and straight forward.

Direct output to a barcode printer possible.

Mark Datamatrix & QRCode barcodes from the software.


The 50mm x 30mm window size compact portable machines


The 50mm x 30mm window size compact portable machines

There is a pneumatic and electric version

Convenient handles provided for effective marking

Can be mounted on a stand if required as an optional feature

Front fixture customised to suit the application

Most compact construction fitted with linear
X and Y axes.


Hard wired, unable to mark far away from the controller


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Wifi Hand held Dot Peen


Wifi operated Dot Peen


Angular, Circular, Mirror, Inverted, Serial Numbers, Date and Shift Codes

CSV File Marking is simple and straight forward.

Direct output to a barcode printer possible.

Mark Datamatrix & QRCode barcodes from the software.


Marking Sizes: 50x30mm, 100x30mm, 150x30mm.


WIFI operated with Android and IOS control.

Long life battery.

User friendly.

No extra equipment such as keyboards and mice.

No cables.

Extremely portable.

Lightweight (2.5kg)

3 hours of continuous marking and 8 hours of normal marking.


Batteries require charging.

Must be within the range of the mobile device to make changes 


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