One of the most economical permanent marking methods
Can mark logos, graphic designs from your own templates or can be made to your designs
Will mark large varied surface shapes, such as flat, round, concave, convex areas within seconds
Electrochemical marking can produce a high-quality mark very quickly – and at minimal costs.
Our systems can be standalone or semi-automatic.
Fully automatic solutions can also be manufactured upon request.
Please contact us for more information or a detailed quotation.

Chemical Etching Machine Model: BEL-Mark –II
  • Manual Version, Low Cost / Economical
  • Suitable for Medium Batch Production
  • Etching Process is for both White and Black Marking
  • Special Timer to Control the Cycle Time and for Etching Depth
  • With Buzzer time-out indicator and white marking.

 Technical Specification


Electro chemical marking machines are for precise marking on any shape of material that can be conductive, without stress, deformation or strain.


Electro chemical marking machines are the most suitable and economical machine for very fine, precise and clean marking.

The machine can mark a variety of products such as aerospace parts, tools, cutters, machinery parts, bearings, instruments, valve bodies and surgical Instruments. Hardware items and cutlery items etc. can also be marked safely and economically.


A large variety of ferrous and non-ferrous material and surfaces are easily marked in seconds. The marking is durable creating a black or deep white etch.


Chrome plated components can be etched, however, painted or anodized surfaces cannot be marked.

A mark is created using an electrical current passing through an electrolyte solution to give an exact copy of the stencil.

Typical marks would be alphanumerical information, logo or any other lined graphics which are made possible through the stencil.


  1. Special sharp pulse waveform for fast and deep etching
  2. The start-up protective circuit is designed to eliminate the surge current
  3. The filter circuit can filter the voltage pulse more than 220V
  4. The fuse is designed in accordance with theoretical value
  5. The specially designed socket can withstand high currents
  6. The modular design makes the maintenance easy
  7. The marking interface is designed to be connected to automatic equipment


  1. A more economical way of marking specific materials rather than laser marking.
  2. Compared with inkjet – the marking performance is durable and the colour is constant.
  3. The mark is clear and concise.
  4. When marking hard materials the etching machine can produce a clear mark without breaking the surface of the metal and eliminating stress


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