About this machinery

BLX-C High-Speed Desktop Fibre Laser Marking Station

Machinery Description:

The BLX-C Fibre Laser Marking System is suitable for marking a variety of materials such as Stainless Steel, Steel Alloys, Brass, Bronze, Carbide, Aluminium, Copper, Anodised plated metals, Chrome, Nickel, Gold, Silver, Cadmium, and Zinc.

Marks some Plastics, and Ceramics

Used for Permanent marking and Industrial traceability, this is a bench-mounted machine Ideal for working in the following sectors:

Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Chemical, Commercial, Ministry of Defense, Education, Electrical, Electronics, Heat treatment, Oil & Gas, Marine, Mining, Nuclear, Power, Rail, Yellow goods (plant Products), Mobile phones, sanitary ware, kitchenware, eyewear glasses, Woodwork engraving, etc.

Can mark Stainless Steel, Steel alloy, Brass, Bronze, Carbide, Aluminium, Copper and plated metals such as Chrome, Nickel, Gold, Silver, Cadmium and Zinc.


Maintenance free Laser

These systems are built with a sealed air-cooled fibre source, which requires no maintenance or consumables.

Dual laser focusing

Having two laser pointers mounted on the laser head enables quick, easy, and precise focusing directly on to

the workpiece.

Trace laser positioning

By simply pressing a button the BLX laser can trace either the exact outline or a perimeter box of the intended mark onto the workpiece for quick and easy alignment.


Lenses (the right tool for the right job)

Although the standard lens supplied with the BLX is a good all-around lens, there may be times when more detail or a larger marking area is required. To optimise the BLX for the job required, simply change the lens to one more suited to the task in hand. Contact us for more details.

Motorised Z axis

Focusing is an integral part of any laser system. The BLX is fitted with either manual or electric Z axis and speed controller. The user can, at the flick of a switch optimise the focus height of the machine to match the correct focus height of the workpiece.

Technical Specification
Device Item No. BLX-C 10 BLX-C 20 BLX-C 30
Power 10W 20W 30W
Product Name BLX Desktop Metal Fibre Laser Marking Machine.
Laser Brand BLX-A1 Marking Machine
Laptop Computer Needs a laptop for each set.
Laser Marking Machine Type Desktop, optional for portable mini laser marking devices items.
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Device Marking Area 100mmx100mm
Optional Marking Area 175mmx175mm / 300mmx300mm
Laser Marking Depth ≤5mm(depending on material and marking time).
Laser Marking Speed ≤7,000 mm/s
Minimum Line Width 0.01mm
Minimum Character 0.15mm
Repeated Precision ±0.003mm
Life-span of Fiber Laser Marking 100,000 hours
Beam Quality M2 <1.5
Focus Spot Diameter <0.01mm
Output Power of Laser 10%~100% continuously to be adjusted.
System Operation Environment Windows XP / Win7(32/64bits) / Win8(32/64bits)/Win10.
Cooling Mode Built-in fan for Air cooling.
Power Input 220V-50HZ (single phase) or 110V-60HZ(single phase).



Suitable uses

  • Stainless steel, metal, ceramics, titanium, aluminium, copper and hardened plastic.
  • Aerospace, Automotive, defence, medical, nuclear


Laser Brand: Belmarking



Laptop included for each set with laser software

Laser wavelength: 1064nm

Device marking Area: 110mm x 110mm

Optional Marking Area 210mm x 210mm / 310mm x 310mm

Laser Marking depth: ≤5mm (Material dependant)

Laser Marking speed: ≤7,000 mm/s

Minimum lineWidth: 0.01mm

Minimum Character: 0.15mm

Repeated Precision: ±0.003mm

Life-span of Fibre Laser Marking 100,000 Hours

Beam Quality: M2 < 1.5

Focus Spot Diameter: <0.01mm

Output Power of Laser: 10%~100% Continuously to be adjusted

Operating System: Win XP / Win 7 (32/64 bit) / Win8 (32/64 bit) / Win 10 (32/64 bit)

Cooling Mode: Built in fan for cooling

Power Input: 220v-50H (single hase) or 110V-60Hz (single phase)

Laser marking Software: EzCad Professional Marking Software (English version)